365 Project 24


Amongst the routines, craziness or normal boredom my goal is to find that one thing that makes each day unlike all the rest- for the next 365 days. And incorporating my left hand into every single picture. I started this project in my senior year of college as Project 21 from Sept.3rd, 2014- Sept.3rd, 2015. I took a break during my 22nd year. It was a busy year of learning about myself, about life, people and how to grow up just a little more. 23 was a wild ride of new people, new food, and new adventures. I took another break as I usually do every other year now with this project. But four months into my break, and at the start of 2018, I am too excited about this next year to wait until August again. So this is a continuation, a continuum of all the little things alone the way. Project_24 (January 2018- )

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Start date: January 1 2018

Status: In Progress 

Account: Private.