Describe the setting of a different universe where ice is hot and flowers are prickly.

September 20, 2015

I’ll tell you the obvious first. I don’t like ice in my hot chocolate. The heat takes away from the chocolate- I can taste it better the colder the drink gets. But my dad uses it in his coffee. He used to be like me and drink coffee at room temperature. But something about the switch in the universe changed him too. He keeps flowers in the house now too. It scares me some nights- how often he brings them home. Even my mom likes those prickly things… This new universe feels dangerous- not that it was ever safe before… But I get confused. That was the obvious. We all get confused. 

My litter brother tells me they sell bags of ice now at the laundromat. Something about it tumbling around in the dryers keeps it from turning to gas. Apparently people are running through NY city with their bags of ice trying to get home before it breaks through the bag. I told him dad was buying flowers now. My brother was confused too.

I miss the old universe. I miss getting water for you and asking ice or no ice. I always knew you wanted ice but I still asked. I guess if I could ask you now, I’d know you wouldn’t want that weird hot ice. 

Now I can’t even ask you if you want water… Not in any universe. 

It’s crazy the way ice being hot or flowers being prickly can change the whole world into a different universe. It’s so big to put into words. Every inch and accident creates every other inch and accident. 


Describe the setting of a different universe where ice is hot and flowers are prickly. 9-20-15

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September 25, 2015

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