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left-handed picture series: 2014 - Present

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Project 365 is a project I started on Instagram my senior year of college to document every single day. My intention was to save the little things, to capture moments that I felt like "defined" the day, or stood out to me as things I wanted to save forever. In starting this project I wanted to create a theme of connection between me and my subject throughout each picture. I call them "left-hand pictures." Starting in 2014 I said every day for one year I would commit to taking a picture with my left hand in it. And these photos below are my favorites.

I have spontaneously left and come back to this project over the years, always with the desire to save memories otherwise forgotten. Sometimes I would get too tired of "always being present online." But the purpose wasn't to share the photos, as much as it was for me to have a place to save them. Because In the moment these images might not feel so wildly important, but getting to look back and reminisce is where a lot of the joy lives.


I love creating records of my life, in writing or in photos, or in this case both. I believe there is a layer of truth we create in our minds about our self perception and of the lives we've led. After more and more days pass, it becomes challenging to possibly remember all the good things, and weird things, and all the precious and perfect, and not so perfect things along the way. But all of that added together makes up our days, our lives and I find it so enriching to keep our past present within ourselves. 

You can follow my Project on Instagram at 365_Project27 (I change it for every new year I'm in). I hope it reminds you to slow down and look around at where you are, or who you're with and what you have to be thankful for. There are so many people and experiences and weird little beautiful things to get happy over every day.

It can be simple, or it can be big and crazy, either way it's unique to you and that itself is enough. It's the coolest thing ever actually. 

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