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For you, water is poison! Write about what life is like, avoiding water.

I had gone to the doctors yesterday to check up on my symptoms. It was weird- they never happened at the same time. I had chest pains, but it felt scary good. And my mind got all dizzy sometimes. But that felt like a high I had never experienced before. And my hands- my hands sometimes.. they would ache and i would find myself clenching them, reaching for anything to hold tight. I hated that feeling. And my breaths. They were short. And it sometimes felt like I had stopped breathing all together for a good long second.

Anyways- the doctors called with my results today. It had been a little over a year before things got bad enough to start asking questions. I thought maybe I was just forming an allergy to something.. but they told me it was serious. Water was now poison to me. It made no sense- I have always been fine around water.

I didn’t know how i would do it- how would I avoid water? My parents were worried. All they could think about was how i loved swimming in the ocean. And the thought of no showers?! Apparently I have to clean myself now with a kind of gross oil and stand in a sauna-type room. The doctors tell me the heat mixed with oil dries off all the dirt, grease and sweat.

They gave me a whole list of replacements/ substitutions for water. But they never mentioned anything about people. All i could think of was that the human body is made up of 70% water.

And then it hit me. The timing makes sense. It wasn’t every other kind of water that caused these pains. It was you. You were my poison from the start. You- all 70% of you was it. I got too close to you and instantly you made my heart hurt, your kisses made me dizzy, missing you made my hands ache and daily i would lose my breath over you. Loving you was poisoning me.

So they told me I should stay away from you too. But no one explained to me why something so good was so bad for me. Everyone keeps telling me I’ll find a replacement for the kind of water in people. But i don’t believe it. Not the water in you- anyways.

For you, water is poison! Write about what life is like, avoiding water. 9-20-15

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