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Describe how you get ready for bed.

Sweatpants, big t-shirt, same socks, brush teeth, wash face, say my goodnights, clean off my bed, take off all jewlery, get in bed, turn off the lights, unlock my phone, text, tumblr, instagram, write, look through old pictures, find sleep playlist, play a song. Try-not-to-think-so-much.

On good nights i’ll be in bed by 11 or 12. On bad nights I might not be able to fall asleep until 3 or 4am. And on really bad nights, i’m asleep by 9pm or 10ish.

I use Listerine some nights- but the taste reminds me of summer mornings with you. …I’ve got to remember to get a different flavor.

I used to be really good at flossing- but i’ve grown tired of spending too much time in front of the mirror at night.

I have a weird fear if I fall asleep too often with my mascara on, my eye lashes will fall off. …I’ve got to start washing my face more often again.

Every night I take off my jewelry and reflect momentarily on how I did with each of my reminders that day.

Jewelry reminders: Watch: Find the good in what is broken. Don’t feel you have to fix it. Embrace it. Necklace: Be kind. Be aware of the worlds that live in other people that we know nothing about. Bracelet 1: Trust your journey Bracelet 2: Take advantage of the time you have to do what you have control over. Become better. Bracelet 3: It’s okay to be strong and feel fragile. Ring 1: My heart is mine. My heart is yours. Ring 2: Remember your potential, take your passion and throw yourself into the world.

It’s 10ish… I think i’m gonna get ready for bed.

Describe how you get ready for bed. 9-27-15

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